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3 Angles Virtual Consulting

So, what is 3 Angles Virtual Consulting all about?

3 Angles Virtual Consulting (3AVC) is a virtual or remote online marketing and assistant service. 3AVC specialises in the strategy and management of social media, online and content marketing, as well as advertising. 3AVC also provides standard virtual assistant services to help businesses with daily administration.

The 3 Angles Virtual Consulting philosophy

The 3 Angles Virtual Consulting philosophy is underpinned by wanting to make a difference. 3AVC practices conscious marketing and tries to make a small difference in the world by choosing to work with organisations that deliberately want to make a positive change to our world.

3 Angles Virtual Consulting works with those who: promote environmental sustainability; gender equity; animal rights; broad based access to education; and the assisting those who are working to close the gap between the haves and have-nots, whether it be digitally or financially. 3AVC enjoys working with small to medium businesses in an effort to grow them through conscious and online marketing.

All of this, while being sublimely creative and having a ridiculous amount of fun too!

3AVC is all about being SLICK:

S strategic, sharp, sophisticated
Lgood learners and listeners
I integrated, inspired, inspirational & showing integrity
Cconscious, creative, clever, cool, calm and collected

The 3 angles in the name and logo have a mountain of significance but essentially boil down to:


Let 3 Angles Virtual Consulting help you, to help others and pay it forward through the good practice of conscious marketing.

Virtual Assistance

We help entrepreneurs and companies manage their day-to-day administration easier, whether it be diary management, travel arrangements or bookkeeping.

Digital Marketing

This is the 3AVC speciality whether you want to venture into the world of online marketing or require something more sophisticated like a social media audit, content strategy or creation, or PPC campaigns.

Marketing Strategy

Let 3AVC help you decide how to approach your target audiences with the relevant messaging, content and branding based on customer research.

These are 3 Angles Virtual Consulting’s current service offerings but it’s important to know that owing to a network of contacts gathered over 20 years, additional services can be offered and subcontracted via 3AVC. 3AVC is flexible and offers you fully customisable virtual services which could include: editing, copywriting, script writing, graphic design, web design, CAD/drafting drawings, bookkeeping, invoicing or creditor follow ups. If 3AVC meets all your needs in one place and it is easier and more cost effective than hiring a full service agency then, why not?

“Starting my own business seemed a bit terrifying but Dale made sure to make it easier. Her work was key to boost my online presence and start getting clients. I truly appreciate the kindness, passion and dedication she puts into her job. She clearly knows what she’s doing, so letting her take charge of my marketing strategies has been the wisest choice.”

Selene Perez Garcia, Habla con Sel, Online Spanish Lessons

Dale is a pleasure to work with and together we have built a growing social presence.

Marie Frankel, Fine Art Photographer

3AVC kicked my online business into gear with search advertising during the Covid 19 lockdown when things were not looking good for the company.

Chris Newman, Owner, Orcin Engineering and Design

It was a pleasure to work with Dale. She was efficient, supportive, creative and went the extra mile

Lesmarie Bentley-Steyn, University of Johannesburg

If you are interested in what 3AVC has to offer get in touch:

Who is the person behind 3 Angles Virtual Consulting?

My name Dale Newman Kitchin. I have 20 years experience in marketing, advertising – traditional, social and online media – as well as event management and retail sales. Over the years I have gathered a multitude of skills and I have loved every minute of developing my career. I have decided to take what I know and do what I do best for myself and others. Along the way I have met and worked with the most amazing people and if I can’t undertake exactly what you need then, the people in my network will certainly be able to assist. You are in good hands. Please feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile for the detail of my background. I am more than happy to give you a list of references to contact.