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The playing field has been levelled. So, what are you going to do to gear up and take advantage of the situation?

The playing field has been levelled.Let 3AVC bridge the gap

The “Rona” or more officially, Covid19 has been the great leveller.   Rich or poor, fat or thin, black, white, or brown, tanned or freckled,  homo or hetero,  young or middle aged, the effect of the virus has taken no prisoners. It has taken hold of us all unashamedly and levelled the worlds playing field!

I know blah, blah, blah – you all are sick of hearing about it. I am too. My ears want to bleed every time I hear a public service announcement on the radio about washing our hands.  I am not going to harp on about the dos and don’ts, but I am going to shine some light on the gaps that the virus has opened for businesses and marketers.

Blah blah blah Covid19 and how to get out of “Schitts Creek”

I’m not a callous, overly ambitions, opportunistic person looking to extort the gaps I see. I simply want to share them because a whole lot of us have taken up residence in “Schitts Creek”! Did you see what I did there?

A bridge symbolising the potential covid19 has had in levelling the digital divide between first and third world
Could Covid19 be what has bridged the digital divide and levelled the playing field?

So, my back story: I come from what is deemed a third world country and currently live in what is deemed a first world country. Born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa, I find myself in sunny Spain these days. Thankfully not a massive departure from the blazing blue skies and sunshine of home, in terms of weather and… actually, a lot of things.

My assumption, upon arrival in Barcelona, the tech and start-up hub of Europe, was that I was going to be schooled in all the new, advanced ways in which I could do my job. I was looking forward to growing and honing my skills, so I sat at the foot of my “first world” teacher and opened my 40-year-old-self up to learning new tricks. And I did but what I did not realise was that I had a few tricks of my own. On no, not me, a humble third-worlder how could that be possible!

Who said the first world was better than the third world and what do they know, anyway?

15 months later and boom! Perspective is back. I have gotten off my knee in front of “the master” and realised this is an exchange and the playing field is level. You see, I worked for a massively progressive brand in South Africa for several years that had/have a highly intelligent and aspirational young audience at the start of the boom of all things digital and social, including marketing and advertising.

And now to the point of all of this. Every business out there no matter how big or small and no matter where you are geographically, the reality is that we all have the same potential and opportunity now. We all must build and grow not only as Africans, Americans, Europeans and Asians, but as the world. Covid19 has pummelled everyone’s economies so we are all starting from scratch. Do not assume it is better elsewhere or that more is known by those across the pond or the pacific. Check out this article for more background.

Playing ground officially levelled for me and levelled for everyone especially after Covid19 and the lockdown.

We all have the same tools to market our businesses – thanks to the internet, connectivity and globalisation for making the likes of search engine and social media advertising available and, most importantly, accessible to not only the giant brands but the small and micro guys too.

Close the gap – use the digital world and all it has to offer!

All it takes is the realisation that the only way is up. So, grab hold of those tools and if you do not have them find someone that does. Find a way to access them to grow and show what you have to impact this new world order. Change your perception of what is possible and let’s all try to build our economies/businesses back up together because where there is a will, there is a way! Check out this awesome article – case in point!

So let us help you do that – consider leaning on us for some advice or help on how to market your business online, going forward! Take the first step and know it doesn’t have to be a scary expedition with 3AVC along for the ride to help you navigate and make the process simple with the services offered and, even better, affordable.


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