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What if their voice was yours? Why brand ambassadors and influencers are so important in making an actual difference!

I feel like there should be a montage of visuals in the background as I write this post. The montage is the setting of the sun, the rising of it and the changing of seasons. Blossoms sprouting, green leaves lush with life slowly changing colour and dropping, brown to the ground. Yes, it has been a while since my last blog post or any post, anywhere for that matter. I/3AVC have a good reason…I/we have been playing a small part (but still a part!) in closing the digital divide! We have been using our passion to get brand ambassadors and influencers involved in conveying messaging that educates about the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

Having launched my little online freelance agency during the depth of the Covid19 crisis and amidst the uncertainty around any employment, I was awarded a project that entailed rallying those with an interest and clout to educate their audiences on all things related to 4IR.

Why you say, is this necessary? Well, I can’t remember who said it – Oprah or Maja Angelou – but when you know better, you do better and of course the ol’ “knowledge is power” nugget applies here too! The ambassador and influencer campaign I have undertaken is exactly that. How are people – young or older – meant to make choices about their future without knowing what those are?

In the past, we had a lot of choices and it was a matter of laying them out and picking which direction you wanted to take. Well, notwithstanding the impact of Covid19, we don’t even know what our choices will look like in the future let alone lay them out in front of us in the form of flyers or pamphlets gathered from a trade expo or from a set of universities/university faculties we had visited.  

In this day and age there are so many options, how do you know what decision to make and who to trust?

My client is a leader in education around 4IR and their mission with this campaign was to reach as many people in their immediate and surrounding communities with information of how the world of work is changing and how they need to keep abreast of these changes when making educational decisions. Whether it be deciding which subjects to choose at school, which university to go to, what postgraduate diploma/course or degree to do, one needs to be cognisant that some of the jobs that exist now wont in the future and that you have to make yourself future-fit.

Close the digital divide use influencers
The Fourth Industrial Revolution will only expand our options and could broaden the digital divide worldwide. How do you convey this outside of a normal marketing campaign? How do you drive education and awareness of such a poignant message? Through influencers and brand ambassadors! That’s how!

The ambassador and influencer campaign aimed to engage siblings/aunts/parents/guardians and teachers giving advice on what careers to pursue. Its aim was also to alert those deciding on how to further their education at tertiary level, that there may be advances in their field that they may not have considered and rather than stick to traditional graduate/postgraduate courses to pick something where they could make a different in the near new world we will be living in.

More people are beginning to rely on people they can trust – the general and marketers alike. Influencers will play a greater role the more cluttered advertising becomes.

The ambassadors or influencers we picked came from all walks of life and had a vested interest in creating awareness and education within and external to their online and offline communities. This is key in creating a successful ambassador/influencer campaign.

Weeks of research, choosing and vetting the right candidates took place to ensure the candidates wanted what the client and I wanted and were committed. Adding influencer marketing to your existing campaign really does add depth to any campaign because there is only so much meaning and reach you can achieve with PPC, social or banner advertising especially when the topic is very niche and meaningful. I believe every brand should consider a genuine approach to influencer marketing. I say genuine because anything less is a farse and audiences will see straight through it!

So, if part of closing the digital divide means closing the gap between those who know and those that don’t then everyone who participated in this campaign played some part in closing that gap. And as to my past blog post (ahem… 3 months ago – not good blog posting practice by the way) closing the digital divide really is key to closing so many more societal divides.


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