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3 Angles Virtual Consulting – Pricing Structures

Pricing varies depending on the nature of the work and will be adapted to the region in which the work is conducted i.e. in the US billing will be in dollars. The pricing below is a general guideline. Final pricing is agreed upon by the client and 3AVC once there has been a briefing and proposal process and a final contract and service level agreement are reached.

There are three billing options:
  • Hourly rates
    • Level 1: General virtual assistant work is billed at 25-30 euros an hour.
    • Level 2: General social media posting, writing, maintenance, monitoring is billed at 30-35 euros per hour
    • Level 3: Strategic consultancy and research based work is billed at 40 euros per hour
  • Retainer rates
    • The way this works is the person or organisation seeking virtual assistance block books time in the 3AVC diary and rates per month are negotiated accordingly. For example depending on the nature of the work, 5 hours a week booked is 20 hours a month would be billed accordingly:
      • Level 1: 400 euros
      • Level 2: 500 euros
      • Level 3: 700 euros
  • Project rates
    • Totally dependent on the nature of the project and level of consultation.

If you are interested in what 3AVC has to offer get in touch:

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