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The virtual services we offer that are outstanding and super SLICK!

Scroll down for an extensive list of the offerings

which are outlined in 3 core areas:

Digital/Online Marketing – includes Google and Social Media
Marketing and Advertising Strategy
Virtual assistance – includes event management

Virtual Assistance

The services below are readily available should you require any other services 3AVC would be happy to investigate that service offering too!

  • Calendar management
  • Email inbox management
  • Travel arrangements
  • Event planning
  • Prioritising daily tasks
  • Answering customer queries online
  • Taking telephone calls
  • Assist with making online purchases – personal shopper, gifts buying etc
  • Preparing of PowerPoint presentations
  • Document editing
  • Event Management
    • Event project planning
    • Venue, décor, menu vetting and arrangement
    • Invitation Design
    • Event branding design
    • Invitation management and RSVP tracking
    • Present at the event
    • Registration and on-the-day management

Virtual Digital Marketing

The services below are readily available at the click of the contact button but that doesnt mean we cant assist with perhaps an app development or virtual event management!

  • Social Media (SM)
    • Social media account set up
    • SM Audit
    • SM SWOT analysis
    • SM Competitor analysis
    • Audience survey
    • Organic content strategy
    • Follower strategy
    • Hashtag strategy
    • Influencer strategy
  • Online Influencer Marketing
    • Discovery
    • Campaign management
    • Relationship management
    • Campaign Reporting
  • Blog
    • Creation of business blog on WordPress
    • Blog writing
    • Web content writing
    • Blog syndication  on online channels

  • Paid-for media strategy including content strategy
  • Monthly content calendar development
  • Monthly content writing
  • Creative design of post visuals
  • Video content creation
  • Monthly content posting or scheduling
  • Monthly content monitoring
  • Paid-for strategy roll out and monitoring
  • Audience engagement
  • Customer support Feedback and reporting
  • PPC Google Search and Display Campaigns
    • Google Ads account set up
    • Keyword research
    • Advert copywriting
    • Campaign development and running
    • Campaign monitoring and adjusting
    • Campaign reporting

Virtual Marketing Strategy

  • Market Research
    • Desktop research
    • Social media polling
    • Setting up of online surveys
    • Promoting surveys online
    • Collecting and gathering findings
    • Creating a report back
  • Marketing and Advertising Strategy
    • Strategy creation and development
    • Creative conceptualisation
    • Go-to-market plan
    • Media strategy

These are 3 Angles Virtual Consulting’s current service offerings but it’s important to know that owing to a network of contacts gathered over 20 years of marketing additional services can be offered and subcontracted via 3AVC. 3AVC is flexible and offers you fully customisable virtual services which could if need be include: editing, copywriting, script writing, graphic design, web design, CAD/drafting drawings, bookkeeping, invoicing or creditor follow ups. If 3AVC meets all your needs in one place and it is easier for you and more cost effective than hiring a full service agency then, why not!

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