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The reason you absolutely cannot do without a virtual consultant or assistant

Virtual assistant and online marketing and advertising consulting. Why you need this!

The future is virtual consulting, virtual staff and assistance!

  • Focus on your core business. The rest is being taken care of by your virtual consultant or assistant.
  • Less admin for you. All of the administrative tasks that every business owner has to do but never gets to will be done by your virtual assistant! Just imagine it!
  • Salary saving cost. Instead of hiring someone for a small job you could outsource for an hourly rate knowing that the hour is being spent productively rather than standing around the water cooler gossiping.
  • More cost savings as you need not provide training, HR management and medical insurance or other benefits.
  • Hire professionals that at are already in the field and know what they are doing. Use 3 Angles Virtual Consulting for specific tasks. Slot your virtual assistant into your existing team.
  • Save time on training and recruitment. Virtual staff members usually bill by the hour and can stay focused on the tasks you hired them to do without juggling multiple demands.

This is why you absolutely need 3 Angles Virtual Consulting?

  • This is my own business, I want it to work. The same as you want your business to work. The success of your business drives my business so I have a vested interest in making sure you are happy with your virtual consultant.
  • I don’t work with just anyone. I work with those who are trying to make a difference in this world. I won’t work for brands that have unethical practices or backgrounds. I do my research. If I have reached out to you, it’s because I think our purposes or philosophies align and that I can help with my virtual consulting.
  • I have 18 years’ experience. I bring a wealth of experience. I know what it takes to get a campaign off the ground and to keep pushing until it works. I know what it means to go through rough patches and still find the will to push through and continue to ensure success by meeting KPI’s.
  • You can trust me. I keep up-to-date with current marketplace trends, technology and training so you know that what I am offering you is the latest and the greatest to keep pushing your business forward.
  • I  am a great communicator . I use my own initiative and I try to ensure I am one step ahead of you so you never have to worry.
  • The added bonus… if you are travelling and need to keep up your daily exercise routine I can also do a live hour Skype class of Pilates or Personal training! I am qualified in both!

Who is the person behind 3 Angles Virtual Consulting?

My name Dale Newman Kitchin. I have 20 years experience in marketing, advertising – traditional, social and online media – as well as event management and some retail sales. Over the years I have gathered so many skills and I have loved every minute of it. I have decided to take what I know and do it for myself and others. Along the way I have met and worked with the most amazing people and if I can’t undertake exactly what you need the people in my network will certainly be able to assist. You are in good hands. Please feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile for my experience and I am more than happy to give you a list of references to contact.

If you are interested in what 3AVC has to offer get in touch:

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